International Commerce

International Commerce

A late 90′s, Garvin began international expansion of its activities.

With its solid experience as a base in Spain, Garvin has supplied machinery, equipment and technical services for various projects such turnkey ‘for agricultural development in several African countries over these years.

Aware of the peculiarities and demands of internationalization in Garvin personnel have been formed in the process to provide solutions to the specific requirements both in the technical area, such as logistics and administrative, and born Garvin Agrosolutions.

Internationally, GARVIN agrosolutions offers customers:

  • Technical assistance in defining requirements, sizing farms and agro-industrial
  • Acquisition of equipment and parts, offering top brand internationally and providing ad hoc solutions for specific customer needs
  • Logistics management and transportation to delivery to the end customer
  • Commissioning of machinery in situ verification regime and work equipment
  • Development of user manuals in the required languages
  • Training of local staff for the use and maintenance of machinery supplied